Charlie Davies Likely Out For World Cup

Just a few days ago prospected starter for the United States Soccer National Team, Charlie Davies was severely injured in a car accident in which one person was killed. He broke two bones in his right leg, one in his left elbow, and also a lacerated bladder and facial fractures. He will be hospitalized for at least a week with a projected recovery time of six to twelve months.


In support of Charlie many fans waved white cards with the number nine printed on them in the ninth minute of the U.S. vs. Costa Rica game on Wednesday. Also, long time friend of Charlie's, Jozy Altidore wore the number nine underneath his own jersey and was given a yellow card for lifting his shirt in celebration during the game. Afterward he had the shirt sent to Charlie in the hospital quoting, "Charlie is like a brother to me, so it was really tough news for me to hear."

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